Short’s Fest celebrates creatively fearless beer

Short’s Brewing Company’s parties are legendary in the state of Michigan, especially since they are never one and the same. While the anniversary party can be described as brilliant madness to kick off the spring and summer, Short’s Fest, which took place at the Short’s production facility, is the relaxing come-down from all of the […]

Twenty Beer-y Years with Arbor Brewing Company

The traditional 20th anniversary gift is something platinum. But when Arbor Brewing Company celebrated its 20th anniversary this weekend, it gave us what it has been giving us for two decades: beer! Twenty years ago, the brewpub opened on Washington Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Today, thanks largely to the anchoring of Arbor Brewing Company […]

Liquid candy: pairing your Halloween favorites with Michigan craft beer

All Hallows Eve. As children, we relished in the yearly ritual where we were able to dress in costume, knock on our neighbor’s doors and fill our buckets with candy. As adults, we might still dress up. The majority of us will most likely consume the candy we did as children. But some things change. […]

#MichiganBeer spreads the joy of local brews

GRAND RAPIDS — #MichiganBeer. The ubiquitous symbol you may have seen stuck on light posts, tacked onto bulletin boards and on t-shirts in breweries and shops in the West Michigan area. Simply phrased, a representation of 21st century sensibilities. It’s a hashtag. No, it means pound, you just didn’t know that because you’re 21. Pound Michigan […]