High Five Hop Farm Collaborates for Hop Harvest Beer Tour

MARSHALL, MI –​ Michigan ranks fourth in the United States in terms of total acreage dedicated to hops, one of four main ingredients in craft beer. Many of those acres will be in full harvest mode at the end of August and early September.  In collaboration the Moga family, owners of High Five Hop Farm […]

Hop Harvest Beer Tour Gives Rare View into Harvest Season

For hop heads, the months of September and October become a palate-testing quasi-holiday. Many breweries are releasing their hop-heavy beers this time of year as the hop harvest has come to fruition. Of the four main ingredients in craft beer, none boast the rabid following of hops, or humulus lupulus. West Michigan Beer Tours, in […]

Michigan Hop Alliance Leads the Way in Booming Industry

Michigan Hop Alliance

What differs in taste and aroma depending on where it is grown, and is squeezed to determine if it’s ready to be harvested? Hops, of course! Hops are a key ingredient in the brewing of beer, and the United States has become the largest hop producer in the world. Traditionally, brewers might have ordered hops […]

Streetcar Partners Acquire Michigan Hop Companies

michigan hop

OMENA — Streetcar Partners Management, LLC has purchased a controlling interest in New Mission Organics and Michigan Hop Alliance. The entities will be merged and retain the name Michigan Hop Alliance under the Streetcar umbrella of companies. Brian and Amy Tennis founded New Mission Organics in 2005 and were among the first hop farmers in […]