Brewery Terra Firma Wicked Garden Honey Rye Beet Wheat

This light bodied wheat ale is as unique as Brewery Terra Firma’s approach to brewing. Brewed with local beets and honey from the Terra Firma farm, Wicked Garden is perfect for someone looking to try something new. The beet flavor is not overwhelming

Brewery Terra Firma What the Frank Double Rye IPA

8.1% ABV, Draft Appearance: Golden brown with small head Aroma: Subtle notes of rye and hops Taste: Rye with citrus and floral hop finish Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a smooth finish What the Frank Double Rye IPA is a combination of two great flavor profiles. The spice of the rye balances beautifully with the variety […]

Brewery Terra Firma Penny Dreadful Black Ale

6.8% ABV, Draft Appearance: Black with little headAroma: Notes of coffee and roasted nuts Taste: Malty with notes of roasted coffee Mouthfeel: Full bodied with a smooth finish Penny Dreadful, brewed for Halloween and now distributed throughout the state, is a beautiful dark beer. It is a smooth black ale with a wonderfully rich coffee […]

Brewery Terra Firma Karma Palace IPA

Named after a 1980s Traverse City theatrical group, this IPA is truly American. It has a soft balance of hops, which makes it an easy-to-drink IPA. It is not overly bitter, as many IPAs are, and finishes quite smooth. Karma Palace would be the perfect partner to pizza and wings, or even as an enjoyable beer at the end of a long day.

Terra Firma combines agricultural practices with creative brews

TRAVERSE CITY — Brewery Terra Firma, which translates to Solid Earth in Latin, opened in July with a different approach to brewing. It’s the first of its kind in the state, which brings agriculture and beer together. It aims to produce as many of its ingredients on site as possible, and is utilizing many sustainable […]