Tripelroot: Zeeland’s First & Only Brewpub in the Midst of Expansion


As they appraoch three years of business, Tripelroot, Zeeland’s first and only brewpub, is maintaining a focus on crafting an experience that is simple, sustainable, and social. The space was designed using only three materials: brick, wood, and metal. Same goes for the menu, which exclusively offers stonebreads, appetizers, and salads. The pub was developed […]



Whether you run an organic dairy farm, sell handsewn dresses on Etsy, or create an LLC to market a neighborhood home improvement service, you are an entrepreneur in some shape, size, or variety. For Nathan Straathof, a life of entrepreneurship was inevitable. His uncle owns and operates Hilhof Farm Dairy, which has been bottling certified […]

Railtown Brewing: Investing in the Future of Dutton

railtown brewing

Gim Lee and Justin Buiter, co-founders and fellow brewers of Railtown Brewing Company, opened their doors in December of 2014. Initially, Lee and Buiter would brew during the week  and open for business on the weekends. However, after two weekends of positive feedback and satisfied beer-drinkers, they decided to quit their day jobs and fully […]