Mashpaddle to Celebrate West MI Beer and Music

Brewers from five West Michigan breweries have joined forces to create a beer and a band, and they’re going on tour to ring in Michigan Beer Month.

Catch them at various places around West Michigan from Wednesday, June 29-Sunday, July 3.

The event is called “Mashpaddle,” and it’s a celebration of West Michigan beer and collaboration.

Ten brewers—Steve Berthel, Jesse Jett, and Fred Bueltmann from New Holland Brewing; Melissa Brolick from Old Boy’s Brewhouse; Adam Engleman and Evan Keller from Lake Charlevoix Brewing; Tina Schuett from Rare Bird Brewpub; and Phil Thomson, Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, and Dan Bouzis from Big Hart Brewing—teamed up to brew an IPA with all Michigan-grown ingredients.

Evan Keller, Dan Buozis, Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, Phil Thomson, Fred Bueltmann, Steve Berthel, Adam Engleman

It includes a mix of caramel, vanilla, pale, and pilsner malts from Pilot Malt House, Motor City Malting, and Empire Malting. The brew’s cascade, centennial, chinook and crystal hops were grown in Empire, Michigan.

“It has lots of late hop additions to contribute to citrusy aromas,” said Bueltmann, New Holland Brewing’s Vice President of Brand and Lifestyle.

The culminating product is a bright, citrus-forward IPA that also bears the name Mashpaddle. It will be served at all participating locations.

A few members of the brew crew also happen to be musicians, so they’ve formed a band called Mashpaddle. The group includes three musicians from New Holland Brewing—Berthel on pedal steel, Jett on vocals, and Bueltmann on bass and sousaphone—as well as Lake Charlevoix’s Engleman on guitar.

“It’s really exciting to kind of combine passions,” Bueltmann said. “I think the idea that a group came together to make a beer and a band is really unique.”

The group will perform Jett’s original pieces along with a few “eclectic covers,” on a tour of participating breweries’ pub locations. They’ll perform between anchor sets with The Strapping Owls, a trio including Bueltmann as well as Larry Beers and Nicholas Barron. Attendees can expect “Americana roots and soul music,” Bueltmann said. In other words, good Fourth of July music.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm for what we do and where we live,” Bueltmann said. “It’s a very feel-good event.”

See Mashpaddle and try the brew at one of the following dates and locations:



Marie Orttenburger

Marie Orttenburger

An Upper Peninsula native, Marie’s passion for both Michigan and its beer is as bottomless as you wish your next pint to be. Relocating to Grand Rapids in 2010, her love for community, journalism and photography has played an integral role in shaping her professional and daily life. By day, Marie is currently employed as a technical writer/marketer. By night, her dreams are occupied by fields of hops filled with puppies and permeated by the melodies of local music.

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