Rockford Brewing Introduces "Permaculture Series" line of 22oz Bottles

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The Permaculture Series:
Local, Fresh, and Timely.  A family of beers from Rockford Brewing Company that are brewed throughout the year using fresh ingredients harvested locally in their peak season.

First Release: Ain’t Jemima (Maple Sap Amber Ale)

Ain’t Jemima is the first release within the Permaculture Series, a family of truly seasonal beers. This Maple Amber Ale is brewed early in spring as the sap starts to flow through Michigan’s maple trees. Replacing the brewing water with this freshly harvested sap makes it unlike any other beer.

Caramel and Munich malts help to build complexity around the unique maple character. Expect a semi-sweet richness with a smooth dry finish. Ain’t no artificial maple flavor used, this is the real deal!

6.5% ABV 22 IBU
$6.99 per 22oz “bomber” bottle

Releases Thursday, May 19th at Rockford Brewing, followed by limited distribution.

Check out the Facebook event for more details.

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