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Our Brewing Company: Smaller On Purpose

Our Brewing Company is a micro-brewery, small winery, and micro-distillery in the heart of downtown Holland, Michigan. With tiny words like “micro” and “small” followed by traditionally massive words like brewery, winery, and distillery it is refreshing to hear co-owner Trevor Doublestein say how important it is to keep their business smaller on purpose.

our brewing

In an industry where many seem to be clamoring to expand, grow, and be the next “big” thing, Our Brewing Company is embracing their roots. This is a place where you feel welcome to bring your kids and play a board-game in the middle of the afternoon. Where you can belly up to the bar, glance at the chalkboard menu, smile at a craft beer name or two, and order nearly any beverage your heart may desire. And make no mistake, whatever you order will be bursting with flavor.

Our Brewing Company creates distinctive craft beer concoctions with entertaining names to match the flavor — like Andes Milk Stout, Careless Whisper IPA, Witches Blood Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry. If cider is more your speed, try a Blackjack Cider with a hint of anise/black licorice flavor. Our Brewing’s creativity and whimsy will seamlessly flow into their new draft cocktail options as well.

Wait… Draft Cocktails? Yes. Cocktails hand made in bulk using UltraPure, a gluten-free organic liquor, along with fresh, seasonal ingredients like raw ginger and simple syrup for their own ginger beer, for example — to create Our Brewing Company’s twist on a Moscow Mule. Once created, these cocktails are placed into a keg and put right into the draft line up. Bartenders simply need to ice and garnish a glass; keeping things simple, lines flowing, and beverages pouring with ease: making everyone happy.

Their customers mean quite a bit to Our Brewing Company. The micro-brewery has recently incorporated a Brew With Us Program where patrons write down their own creative craft beer concept into the Suggested Brews Pot, and once a month one brew is drawn as the lucky winner. That selected beer is then brewed with Doublestein and brewer Ed DeGalan alongside the winner, giving customers a chance to not only tour the Our Brewing Company facilities, but learn the beauty of the craft beer brewing process. While the Brew With Us Program is still fairly new, it has been successful so far with a Pistachio Cream Ale and a Blood Orange Mandarin Double Hopped IPA selected as winning brews.

Another exclusive feature for loyal patrons is a punch-card system where customers earn a stamp for every beer they drink in order to be featured on the *grabs megaphone* Mustache Wall of Fame! It does not take long for regulars to begin earning perks. After 10 beers, customers earn a logo pint glass. Keep drinking, and patrons will enjoy howlers, growlers, t-shirts, and hats, oh my! After 100 stamps, their name is inscribed on the exclusive Mustache Wall of Fame. And these Mustache Wall of Famers earn swanky deals, like $2 craft beers on random days of the week, typically announced via Facebook.

our brewing

The warm and comfortable vibe this downtown Holland micro-brewery features has not changed, even if the chalkboard menu behind the bar may have a few more unique options and variations available on draft. Our Brewing Company has and always will remain smaller on purpose.


Photography: Steph Harding

Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams loves to sing and play bass guitar in between her endless duties as a Mom to two daughters, writer, event planner, school volunteer, and marketing assistant to local bars and breweries around her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When Kelli’s not in a bar, brewery, or fighting for justice in her invisible jet, you can find her relaxing with an IPA on her sofa… or on a Lake Michigan beach in the summer. Kelli has been writing original content at MommaNeedsABeer.com since 2009, where she believes that sometimes, ya gotta put a little alcohol on it.

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