B.O.B.’s Peanut Butter Porter Has A New Friend

GRAND RAPIDS – As an original Winter Beer Festival contributing drinker, B.O.B.’s Brewerys Brewmaster John Svoboda’s interests are always surpassed by the excitement and fun that the festival brings. Ever since the WBF made its way to Grand Rapids, B.O.B.’s has been a participant.

“It is wonderful publicity and you have the opportunity to meet new people and people that are a fan of the brewery! It is nice to see people enjoying themselves at the festival and appreciate what we do. It is difficult to stand out at the festival. There are a thousand beers and after you eliminate all of the standards, you have to stand out and bring something unusual and how you get it to be unusual can be a challenge,” said Svoboda.

Their most popular beer to date, the Peanut Butter Porter, will be pouring its dark smooth peanut taste into your cups this year. A similar style and new beer will deliciously be by its side – a milk stout made with hazelnuts and chocolate, rightfully given the name: Nutella Stout.

“It will be really great or we aren’t going to bring it – ha! We want you to taste it and it taste like Nutella, not just chocolate,” said Mick Rickerd, Executive Chef of the Gilmore Collection.


B.O.B.’s beer isn’t only found at the WBF, you can find B.O.B.’s at the bottom level of The B.O.B. Unlike most breweries, this one sits below restaurants, a nightclub, and a comedy club all filling the building’s five levels. The beauty of a setup like this is that B.O.B.’s beer is available on tap at every location, not just the lower level that they occupy.

“Having other beers on tap, actually gets people to try more of our beers,” said Svoboda.

On Saturday February 20 from noon to 4 p.m. The B.O.B. is having their Winter Beer Festival Brunch. With Rickerd’s extensive beer and food knowledge he has created an elaborate food menu that will leave every taste bud happily pleased. On tap will be 43 Michigan beers from 11 breweries and three brunch stations, as well as dessert. You might as well call it, ‘the easy way to keep warm because you are inside’ WBF kickoff to prepare you for the following weekend.

Whether you like to keep warm inside or try and keep warm outside, B.O.B.’s Brewery is lined up with some great brewing talent this February for all to enjoy.

Photography: Bri Luginbill

Hazel Mae King

Hazel Mae King

Hazel Mae King (aka Tiffany Lentz) has returned to the Mitten State after being absent for just under 8 years to live in New York, Los Angeles and Europe. Although she loves to see different parts of the world, Grand Rapids is more home to her than anywhere else. Diving back into the culture here, she has gone head first into the liking of beer, bicycling, working out, drawing and going to see live music. By day she is accompanied by her French Bulldog, King Romeo lV while managing social media accounts and ghostwriting for many different personas. She may need an extra hug or hello during the winter time because it is something she isn't particularly fond of...yet.

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