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Sixth Annual Kalamazoo Beer Week Celebration!

As the new year begins, Kalamazoo likes to start it off right by hosting the annual Kalamazoo Beer Week.  During the middle of January, Kalamazoo invites locals and visitors to come and celebrate their appreciation for craft beer. Local restaurants and breweries have come together to create a weeklong series of events that promotes different craft beers from Michigan and other states through dinners, tap takeovers, and lively events held all around Kalamazoo. Some events provide their guests opportunities to dine with local brewers over a dinner designed to be paired with their beer. Other events offer the chance to challenge a brewer to a Mario Kart race while sipping on their KBW specialty beer on tap.

This year Kalamazoo has selected to host KBW from January 16 – January 23. Local breweries started the week off with several release partys and tastings around the area. All week long, Gonzo’s Biggdogg Brewing will be serving KBW limited release beers on tap and ending it with a barrel aged beer week finale that will include five barrel aged beers.

Both Brite Eyes Brewing Co. and Tibb’s Brewing Company have teamed up with local beer enthusiasts, the Malt Mavens, to brew special beers for KBW. Brite Eyes will be serving their collaboration, a Spiced Rye Stout, on tap starting January 20 while Tibb’s will tap their Beardless Blonde Ale on January 22.

Bell’s Brewery is partnering with Louie’s Trophy House on January 21 to host “Beat the Brewer at the Putting Green.” Louie’s invites KBW partygoers to come and enjoy some Bell’s beer while challenging a Bell’s Brewer on the green.

Towards the end of the week, Kalamazoo Beer Exchange will be hosting a never-before-seen Total Tap Takeover of Hop Head Farms on Friday January 22. They will be serving twenty-eight local beers brewed with hops from the local Hop Head Farms.

Even though these events are only a select few of all the ones KBW has to offer, they are great examples of how Kalamazoo has set out to help attendees create a relationship with craft beer.

If you are interested in the events KBW has to offer this year, check out the events page on their website.

Molly Griffin

Molly Griffin

Molly Griffin was born and raised in the Mitten. She spends her free time exploring the wonderful breweries in this great state and outside it. Her love for craft beer started while she was attending Michigan State University. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Kalamazoo to work at one of the local hospitals. Now after a long day at work, Molly can always count on going to a local brewery to enjoy a great beer with great friends. "It's an awesome feeling showing up to Bell's Eccentric Cafe and everyone knowing your name. It's like having your very own version of Cheers."

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