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Following is the first in a series of pieces spotlighting area home-brew clubs. If you have been seeking a way to engage in the home-brewing community, or would like to see how beer can be made at home without investing in equipment first, joining a club or attending a club meeting is a phenomenal way to fortify your understanding of the many ways people make beer at home.

The tale of Patriots Brew Club is one that coincides with that of the forefathers of this nation. The members of this club pride themselves not only on their ability to make beer for themselves, but also on their ability to help others understand how beer is made. Like the original patriots, these are people capable of making much more than just beer for themselves, and their pride in teaching others extends to their vast wealth of cultivated hobbies as well. This is a group of people who like to hunt, not just in the traditional sense, but for ways to fix things, solve problems, build things, and live a mighty life.

When I asked the club if there were particular styles of beer they liked to focus on making, the answers seemed to encompass all of beer. I took this to mean that they like to make any and all styles of beer as long as the process and product align with the integrity and authenticity the club so thoroughly exudes.

The club does not operate in a rigidly scheduled meeting archetype; instead they favor spontaneous gatherings that center around the making of beer, food, and merriment in kind. If you’re the type who likes to saddle up and ride on short notice, this is the crew for you.

The club gladly accommodates new brewers, experienced brewers, and those who just want to know a little more about beer. More the drinking type than the making type? No problem, just show up with a hand to lend and you’re in. Located in the Grand Haven area, the members of the club would love for you to come to their next gathering. More information can be found on their Facebook page

A showcase of the Patriots Brew Club, as well as many of the other clubs to be featured in the further articles, can be found on the Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids each year on Big Brew Day. The pictures in this article were taken at the event, hosted by Siciliano’s Market, in May 2015. More info about the Big Brew Day can be found here.

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