MittenBrew “beer-terns” bring love of craft beer to staff, willingness to learn

Last fall, we put out a call to our Facebook and Twitter nations, in an effort to look for our next beer-terns as a part of what we call our “MittenBrew Training Program.”

Continuing to be a part of our team for 2015 are three individuals who show a love for Michigan craft beer, and also an experience in journalistic abilities. All three “beer-terns” are working on specific projects for us, and are also supporting our staff in a number of ways.

As we [hopefully] quickly move into spring, we hope that you’ll see some of our “beer-terns” out and about at beer events throughout the state, and say hi.

Tiffany Lentz (AKA Hazel Mae King)

TiffanyTiffany is a ghostwriter and cross-fitter by day, with a bit of Perrin Brewing beer slaying by night. With a Masters in Communications and an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, she is trying to show through her writing — driven by her passions of eating, writing, being active and drinking great beer — that a balance of this trifecta is the key to life.

Oh and let’s not forget about her fur baby, a French Bulldog, who’s name speaks for itself…King Romeo lV.

Jason Batts

JasonJason is a West Michigan native.  He was born in Kalamazoo and now works as a video producer at a production company in Grand Rapids.  Jason graduated from Michigan State University in 2000 with a degree in Telecommunications and has been working in television and video ever since.  He has worked in Chicago, Lansing and Grand Rapids at local TV stations and at small production companies producing commercials, promos and corporate videos.

Jason is an editor, a copywriter, a graphic artist and a photographer.  He now lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, Tami, and two young children, Otto and Eliza.  He likes to spend his free time cooking, playing basketball, biking, taking photos and traveling.  Jason joined MittenBrew in an effort to learn more about online writing, journalism and photography — and of course, to enjoy Michigan beer.  His favorite?  New Holland’s Monkey King.

Emily Hengstebeck

EmilyEmily hails from Royal Oak, Michigan, but like her preference for IPAs, she prefers a hoppy lifestyle that takes her to new places. She lives for planning trips and discovering new breweries, and has a serious t-shirt buying problem as a result.

Emily grew up on creature feature films (“Jaws” reigns supreme), Lake Charlevoix water-skiing and cold weather SCUBA-diving. In her non-existent spare time she devours comic books, hones her magical brunch-making skills and runs…a lot.

Ever since her first sip of Short’s beer on her 21st birthday, her passion for the craft industry has grown into a Godzilla-sized love and devotion. At the present, Emily not only works for MittenBrew as an extremely enthusiastic intern, but she also counts herself as an active member of Fermenta and the Detroit Draft Divas. She cannot wait to give back to an industry that has already given so much to her.

Bryan Esler

Bryan Esler

A lover of dark and sour beers, Bryan is an original co-founder of MittenBrew. Based in Grand Rapids, Bryan is a corporate events and commercial photographer, having been featured by BeerAdvocate Magazine, Pure Michigan, CNBC, ArtPrize, Bliss for Mayor, Circle Theatre and more . Visit his website at for more.

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