Purveyors of passion: Siciliano's Market

GRAND RAPIDS — Siciliano’s just is, and always seems to have been. Many people will agree with that. One of West Michigan’s longstanding and premier bottleshop and homebrew supply spots, you can walk in and easily see why so many call this place home.
Doug Dorda, Homebrew Specialist and wearer of many other hats, shares what draws folks in and what keeps him there.
“A glorified interpretation of what we do could be ‘Purveyors of Passion. Fermented Passion.'”
A longtime customer and an employee for six years, Dorda knows the store and his customers well. In fact, any of the staff — and often that staff is Barb or Steve Siciliano, the owners of the market — know their clientele and know their merchandise.
“You can saddle up to the counter and talk with people, people who know the product, and give you not just a scripted answer from the back of a bottle, but a full answer. ‘Oh yeah, I’ve had X last week and I drank it with this, I really liked so and so because…’  [Our employees] are really passionate people,” said Dorda.
Walk in and enjoy the sight. Liquors align back counter shelves, beer is, well, everywhere. There is plenty of wine for your more sophisticated types and even loose leaf teas as well. Homebrewing and wine-making supplies are available in abundance, with the skilled staff to help you with your purchase.  Enjoy the mom and pop environment Dorda describes, smile at Steve Siciliano when you stop in, and share your beer love too.
“I love coming here just as much as our customers. When other people come in I can get their opinion on something too. We all just feed on one another,” said Dorda.
“We are all part of this weird, magical thing that’s happening all around us, and [Siciliano’s] is one of the places where people come to talk and enjoy it.”

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