Lansing’s Horrock's offers bottle variety and unique taps

Local, fresh produce or beer? You take your pick.
Lansing’s Horrock’s Farm Market is known, not only for their produce variety, but also their beer variety, with thousands of individual beer varieties from hundreds of different brands.
What started as a fruit stand in the Lansing City Market in 1959 has now developed into its own large store that has recently even added a tavern.
The Horrock’s Tavern, opened last summer, features 50 different draft beers that customers can choose to enjoy in the store, or outside of it.
“[Customers] can grab a beer or a glass of wine and visit or walk around the market and shop,” said Dan Dunn, manager at Horrock’s.
With the addition of the tavern, Horrock’s is able to offer beers from small Michigan brewers that do not bottle.
“It gives our customers a chance to try something from a brewery they have not heard of or would not get a chance to visit,” Dunn added.
Not only do the added taps give customers an opportunity to try new Michigan brews in store, but customers can also get growler fills, with the help of the new growler law passed in 2013. The store sells their own growlers, but will also accept other growlers for fills.
The tavern is constantly rotating their beers on tap, and the amount of individual bottles available grows continuously, which is likely due to Dunn’s passion for beer and wine and having a wide variety for his customers.
“Beer and wine have been a passion of mine for a very long time; it’s exciting to be able to take a hobby and interest and then actually work in the beer and wine world,” Dunn said.

Rachel Peterson

Rachel Peterson

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