Holiday Market grows to offer large selection of Michigan brews

ROYAL OAK – Holiday Market has been in business since 1954, back when they started as a small butcher shop and grocery store.

As of 2014, the shop is over 20 times its original size and still putting an emphasis on quality products and services, particularly when it comes to craft beer.

That’s where Beer Manager Ashley Price comes in.

Price handles all of the research, ordering and stocking of beer in the store and has been doing so for several years. He knows what his customers are looking for…most of the time.

“People are promiscuous,” he said. “They buy different things every single time they come in here.”

Price takes a great deal of pride in the interaction he has with customers on a regular basis.

“I try to help everyone find the right beer for them,” he said.

And when shoppers are unsure about what they’re looking for, he knows exactly where to point them.

“More often than not, I try to shift them on to Michigan craft. I absolutely push everything Michigan,” Price said. “Customers will ask me if its Michigan made. And I’ll usually find them an option that they’ll absolutely love.”

Price and Holiday have grown their selection of beers tremendously over the years. The location of the beer is in one of the back corners of the market. A walk down the long aisle and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a cooler full of cold brew on the left and long, sustaining shelves of additional bottles on the right. The selection is overwhelming at times.

Holiday Market has a very loyal following on their Facebook page, where Price updates customers on delivery days and anytime there are specialties in the store, which are handled on a first come, first served model.

“Originally it was created to keep some regular customers updated so I didn’t have to use my personal page,” he said. “It just kind of grew and grew and got a little out of control. Now it’s something I use every single week.”

Although the market is doing remarkably well with keeping customers informed in addition to being applauded for their selection, Price doesn’t feel they’re considered a destination bottle shop.

“I wouldn’t put that label on us,” he said. “We’re good at what we do and we’re in a really good position geographically. That community around us really helps.”

Mike D’Orazio

Mike D’Orazio

Craft beer, Detroit sports, food, music and Michigan. Mike D'Orazio is an avid enthusiast for all of the above. He is a Central Michigan University graduate born and raised on the east side of Detroit. Mike is also a stout lover and home brewer.

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