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A look at Atwater beers

Atwater Decadent Chocolate Ale

5.5% ABV — Atwater’s Decadent is a strong brown chocolate ale that pours with a huge nitro head full of carbonation. The color is brown and caramel-like. As you raise the glass to your nose, there is a strong chocolate aroma with some smoky qualities.

The brew is heavy on the chocolates and malts, yet still remains balanced. The drink is smooth from start to finish. Every sip is a mouth full of chocolates with burnt flavors. The mouthfeel of the ale isn’t terribly heavy like one might expect and the sweetness lingers throughout. The finish is clean with minimal bitterness and smooth as silk. Decadent is an easy sipper even during warm months.

Atwater Hop-A-Peel

7.5% ABV — Hop-A-Peel’s appearance has an orange, cloudy hue with slight carbonation and medium head. The nose on this beer is huge. The ground orange peels and American hops fill the glass and your nose with a lot of sweetness.

As the beer hits your taste buds, tart hops blast with the juiciness of biting into an orange. The mouthfeel is light and crisp with a summery and refreshing finish. This beer holds the characteristics of an American IPA but a strong citrus twist. Be sure to grab it fresh on tap to get the full experience of all it has to offer.

Atwater Bloktoberfest

6.4% ABV — One of Atwater’s most popular seasonal brews is Bloktoberfest, the brewery’s take on the German Märzen style that celebrates the harvest.

The hue of this pour is copper brown with minimal head. The aroma is sweet and full of maltiness. As you drink this seasonal, the taste is somewhat of a nutty and fruity mix that’s relatively light in body compared to other beers in this category. The beer finishes very crisp and clean with a slight tartness.

Bloktoberfest is very easy drinking for its ABV and is definitely a great beer to grab and help close out the end of summer and ring in the fall months.

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