Ore Dock First Shift English Bitter

4.1% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Clear golden yellow with a light head
Aroma: Malty and floral
Taste: Fresh bread and straw, lightly bittered
Mouthfeel: Light bodied

A light-bodied english bitter from Ore Dock. Pours beautifully and drinks even better. Tastes of a gourmet cracker, lightly buttered with hops and hay for a fresh and earthy conclusion. A perfect pairing for our slow passage to spring.

Steven Michael Holmes

Steven Michael Holmes

Born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Steven’s penchant for tradition, nostalgia, and artisanry was shaped by his surroundings and has been a guiding force from early on. His interests and hobbies include —woodworking, printmaking, analog photography, cooking, fermentation, gaming, hiking, tv and movies, producing, editing, and facilitating creativity. He currently resides in West Michigan with his fiancée and American Staffordshire Terrier.

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