#MichiganBeer spreads the joy of local brews

GRAND RAPIDS — #MichiganBeer. The ubiquitous symbol you may have seen stuck on light posts, tacked onto bulletin boards and on t-shirts in breweries and shops in the West Michigan area. Simply phrased, a representation of 21st century sensibilities. It’s a hashtag. No, it means pound, you just didn’t know that because you’re 21. Pound Michigan Beer. Get it? Get it? No, it’s a hashtag. #MIBeer. 

Let’s just say it’s whatever you want it to be, but ultimately it represents the pride Michigan has in its brews, consuming and creating some of the best beer in the world.  Anyone can wear a “#MichiganBeer” shirt and feel that pride. 

And that is its’ creator, Mark Daniels, goal. A resident of Grand Rapids, Mark’s artistic eye, interest in design and business abilities led him to produce these now well-known t-shirts (on some of the softest, most comfortable material ever) in 2012. The year that will forever be known, at least in Grand Rapids, as the year of the tie for the BeerCity USA title.

“We sold them at the Eastown Street Fair, and sold out in two and a half hours. I told my wife ‘I think we might have something here.'”

More business followed.  And followed. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, stickers, buttons and their newest product, beer koozies, are available on Daniels’ online shop and many retail locations around West Michigan. 

The newest design, Bike 4 MI beer, has steadily picked up steam. A very logical step in this bike-friendly community, Bike 4 MI beer represents a growing trend in the craft beer scene. Craft brew fuels bike culture, and those who ride hard like to play hard as well. 

Ultimately, Daniels hopes for organic growth with his company, and has no plans to limit this design to only the West Michigan area. After all, it’s all about Michigan pride in our beer, and there are too many wonderful breweries and craft beer aficionados all across our state for that. 

Expect some new designs in the near future. 

Interested in purchasing some merch for your shop or self?  Visit the website or Contact Mark & Co. here.

Tiffany Ewigleben

Tiffany Ewigleben

Tiffany Ewigleben is originally from the Washington D.C region and has become a true Michigander in her heart. A lover of local-beer and food-Tiffany has written for Flavor 616, Roadbelly, Rapid Growth, The Growler, and The Rapidian as well as MittenBrew. Basically, anyone who will let her write about craft beer.

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